Self-care when you’re broke…

So you’re broke…welcome to my world.  I mean, I have money but it is spoken for and when I have money I spend it and I am trying to save so…here is my thoughts self-care on a budget.

I know, when you’re broke you feel like you should work more; but what about taking care of yourself.  When I was working at the shelter, I did not do such a great job of self-care.  I would go out for food or drink, sometimes I would master positive self-care like a bath or exercise.  Overall though it is all about being kind to yourself and taking time to do something you want to do.  As I am working a lot I have found that I have been neglecting myself.  So this morning I sat in a chair in my pj’s with a blanket over me and listened to music and drank tea, instead of coffee, let my mind wander and daydream about all the places I want to go.  I know…nothing elaborate right, that is the point.  I don’t think that it takes money to be nice to yourself and take a little hour or two to just be.  Here are some things that I think are good self-care exercises that should be practiced more and cost very little.

BIKE RIDE, SKIP ROCKS (my mom taught me and when I do this I think of her), LISTEN TO MUSIC, DANCE PARTY OF ONE, COOK/BAKE, DO SOMETHING CREATIVE (paint, draw, write, knit), TAKE A BATH, WRITE YOURSELF AN AFFIRMATION (by this I mean write a trait that you alone possess or you like about yourself and put it on your mirror, wall, in your purse).

So there you have it, self-care on a budget…I am not a big nails, shopping, crafting kinda gal so this is very appropriate for males and females.  Remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself a little love…you deserve it.


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