The beauty in flaws

My moment of gratitude today is extending from last weeks post and into this week’s.  As I surveyed my room and its untidiness today I thought…girl you are kind of a mess.  Then I thought…but you also are doing pretty good.  I have been thinking about flaws and all their intrinsic beauty.  My flaws that … More The beauty in flaws

A good day

For me a good day is pretty easy to come by.  A book and cup of coffee and sun filled room make it pretty much unbeatable.  Getting to laugh and be with good friends only adds to the day.  So my thankful monent today is to simplicity and remember to laugh, be silly and enjoy … More A good day

To be

After a hectic day…it is nice to sit and just be.  Busy people that we all are, to just sit and breathe is a big deal but don’t limit yourself.   So what I am thankful for today is to take a minute to sit and relax. Happy sitting!

gratitude day 3

Today’s gratitude goes directly to the weather itself.  I woke up late and took my time getting ready to run errands and when I got outside it was raining.  I thought… it could be worse and then tried to find the thing about rain I like so much.  Well I really love the smell of … More gratitude day 3


I am blessed to have some great friends and today I checked the mail and found a letter from my grandma. Feeling loved and thankful for it. Xo Kt