The beauty in flaws

My moment of gratitude today is extending from last weeks post and into this week’s.  As I surveyed my room and its untidiness today I thought…girl you are kind of a mess.  Then I thought…but you also are doing pretty good.  I have been thinking about flaws and all their intrinsic beauty.  My flaws that I see and those that I feel are similar to so many women my age.  The lines that I am noticing around my eyes.  The bit of flab that hangs over my pants.  The way I feel my life has turned around from going into social work into wanting to travel and see the world. 
I am an eclectic mix of my pasy and my desires.  We all are, hell we are very different for different reasons and yet we sometimes rebel against our true selves and try to make our lives what we think it should be like.  Today my moment of gratitude came as I opened a new book and had my coffee and I thought…I am grateful for my life, flaws and all.  The hard has made me better and I know many are the same.  For a moment I felt a connection to people I don’t know and will never meet.  My life is mine, not someone else’s and I take that for granted.  I can define what I will do and who I will be and I am grateful that I can.  I may have flaws but they are mine, beautiful parts of me that only I really see and feel. 
So my thoughts for this monday are, embrace yourself, love yourself and be grateful for this life. Moments that define and shape us are ours and no one else’s. 


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