Holiday blues….

Dealing with the stress of the Holidays…
It’s that lovely time of year, chill in the air and twinkling lights strung from windows, lighting the way to holiday parties and homes radiating a jolly glow.  I love the holidays…I really do but there is always a sense of something missing.  Being single during the holidays can be brutal…all those Xmas parties where you go and people are coupled up.  It’s like the smug married couples scene from Bridget Jones Diary…where she has to endure questions about who she is seeing and a reminder about time ticking away.  Yeah you get the picture.  I get a feeling deep down (much like food poisioning) when I see couples all cozied up at the bar or restaurant and I envy them for a moment. 
Then after the wave of nausea is gone, I realize there is something great about being single at Xmas.  Let me tell you; I don’t have to buy a bunch of presents that will be received with a force smile or receive gifts that tell me that my partner knows nothing about me…one year I got a butt plug…enough said.
So to all my single friends…I love you and you can come on over and we’ll sing carols or watch doctor who Xmas special and drink a bottle of wine.  To my family…I miss you and am sad I can’t be home to consume a small feast and then go into a sugar crash so hard that it takes a cleanse to recover from. 
So for me…how I will deal with the stress of the holiday is through good old fashion self care…buy myself a gift and wrap it and it will probably be a bottle of nice red wine and a record and maybe a fancy chocolate bar.
So treat yourself and remember to go forth with the holiday spirit and give a little to those in need. 


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