I recently went on a trip and had a great time but in the back of my mind I thought I wish I had this or that the whole time.  It occurred to me that I am not alone in this as my friend and I had a discussion about relationships and our desires to have more.  This is more than capitalism at work here…it is about how we perceive our lives in coordination to others and more importantly how we gauge success. 
I am a day dreamer and so I often find myself thinking what if or I wish I had…lately I have been daydreaming about finding someone…like a soul mate but more like a friend who is there to commit petty crimes with me and enjoy random adventures.  I have my friends and I know they will get my back if the zombie apocalypse were to really occur…so I’m covered there.  I just found myself lost in a, I wonder what my life would be like daze and have found this thinking taints my gratitude of my life I do have. 
I have my health (despite my cracking knee and sometimes scratchy throat), my friends (who are quite possibly the most eclectic mix of people) and my family who love me and still send me snail mail which lights up my day. 
So overall…I’m doing pretty good.  I think we all are and forget because we can get caught in a inner monolgue battle of, my life would be better if I had…insert desired item or life change here.  It is these thoughts that give way to our own unravelling and self-doubt.  I am not saying daydreaming is a waste…it actually builds our creativity and enhances our ability to problem solve, what I am saying dear reader is that getting caught up in your desire can build an unhealthy point of view.  So on this New Year’s Eve do something that may help your inner daydreamer.  This requires writing so, bare with me. 
– make a list of what you loved about your year (highlights).
– make a list of the people you care about (your crew if there were a zombie apcolypse).
– make a list of goals for the next year (please be reasonable in these…don’t set yourself up for failure).
– return to said list when you find yourself doubting your life and your course…this may help you become more grounded and realistic of what you desire.
I should say that if your goals don’t happen…que sera sera… it may happen but just not when you want. 

I believe that daydreamers build their own destiny but our society can taint that with its live larger than you need too mentality.  So get realistic with yourself and dream away.  Reach from the stars but don’t forget where you come from or the loved ones who got you there. 
Have a Happy New Year dear reader and go forth with kind hearts.


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