The little black dress of relationships

Recently I have been thinking about relationships and how they come and go.  This comes about as I recently have been dabbling in the world of dating and have had some pitfalls and disappointments.  I also have a few girlfriends that have been dealing with their own dating issues and it has gotten me thinking about relationships as a little black dress.

We all, well women all know about the little black dress and if you don’t go get a copy of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and watch it immediately.  The little black dress is a classic item that every woman should own along with a great pair of black heels and a great dark lip color.  This classic look is kind of like a relationship, in that we are all looking for the best soul mate for ourselves.  Sometimes though we end up getting side tracked by the latest in fashion and trends.  For example the trend of hammer pants or shoulder pads, neon colors and chunky jewelry have already swept the fashion scene and made come backs in different and reinvented ways.  This is kind of like that guy or girl you dated once and then find yourself dating again and again…just a different version of that person.

The little black dress of relationships is on the other hand, the constant relationships that we have come to rely on.  This can be family or friends and can change over time but is always going to be there for you.  While the trendy relationships that are hot and so in, may fizzle out and take some toll on you.  I am one to constantly makes the same errors in relationships and dates the same man over and over, emotionally unavailable.  The people that are the constant in our lives, will be there for us when we are in need, let us have our moments of weakness and not see us as weak but as needing love and they will love us.  We should all have one or more of these lovely people in our lives that will be there when we need them and also be there for them, because a classic friend is there no matter the trends and loves us unfailingly.

So my friends and readers, if you have those classic friends, let them know and remember that they will be in fashion no matter the occasion.

xoxox, kt

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