the sum of our parts

We are more than the sum of our parts.  We are a range of experience and some of us are a mixture of painful past or tragedies, we are daring and yet scared, we are ebbing and flowing with this world and adapting accordingly.  I am sure that we all have a past but what I want to think of now is my future.  There are times when I know I am caught up in reminiscing about the past and think of the things that could have been different but in reality, it worked out the way it did and now I just know a little more.  So where am I going with this…Well, I am tired of living in the shadow of today and I am choosing to move forward. Hindsight can be helpful but it is not the only thing.  We are a collection of moments and stories untold, we are living this life and in our daily routines and rituals is where we can find some peace and comfort.

What we bring to our friendships and relationships is a mixture of our past and our hopes and dreams for the future.  Just know that everyone is on their path too and have their own stories that they have not told anyone too.

Go forth and be kind.

xoxox kt

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