Well…I was going to restrain from posting on Valentine’s Day but I can’t help it.  I am a hopeless romantic but something about this day when you are single makes you think about anything but your relationship status.

I am stuck thinking about Valentine’s and I have to say that I have not had the best experience thus far.  When I was little I used to run around chasing boys and it seems not much has changed since then.  As I browsed through news and online posts today, my attention was caught by a “how to online date”.  One said that if you want to find someone online you should use descriptive words, another said to use a catchy online screen name, like chasing_kt.  To all these I have to just say one thing…ridiculous!

Whatever happened to being yourself and being okay with who you are.  You are great and lovely (unless you’re a serial killer or rapist) just as you are.  If you pay attention to social media and to not, you would have to be living on a remote hillside, there are what love means posts and reminders of a day that is just like any day of the year.

So here is how to handle being single during valentine’s day.

❤ do what you normally would do.

❤ take yourself to coffee/breakfast/massage/to the fifty shades of grey movie if you are a masochist.

❤ tell people you love that you care about them (this is where you send them cards and give chocolates, sometimes a phone call suffices).

❤ get outside…walk, notice the birds and for the love of god, DO NOT WATCH A ROM COM….watch Fargo instead…or anything that is slightly twisted.

❤ get wine, beer or whiskey and friends and try and not send a drunk text to your shitty ex tonight when you are three sheets to the wind.

Well there you have it, some helpful reminders about how to handle being single amidst a see of love struck hand holders….don’t worry tomorrow they will go back to being totally normal and barely speaking.



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