Dear friend

Today is my friend Crissy’s birthday.  She would have been 36 and every year on her birthday I wish she were here.  This is a sad post…if you haven’t gathered that yet but there is a postive message to it.  She chose the day she ended her life and I hate that day…alot so I remember her birthday instead and reflect on my life and her. 

She was a lovely person with a great heart and sad eyes.  She was my best friend and I would like to think that she would have been always.  My life changed when she died and I chose to escape the confines of a town that held memories and no place for hope…as I saw it. 

So here I am. I lived. I am living and grateful to her for her friendship and also in a wierd kind of twisted way…inspiring me to dare to dream of something more for myself.  Crissy will always live in my mind and I will never forget her.  Remember to tell those you love that they are loved .

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