bucket list

Hello readers.  The sun has me in a daydream kind of haze today and I feel like little can take away this ‘high’.  After some coffee and a bike ride I started thinking about lists.  I make a to do list far to often and thought, maybe I need to make a bucket list…it is … More bucket list

One day…at a time

No this is not a post declaring my sobriety.  It is a post about my desire to live fully…without regrets or apologies (unless absolutely necessary). My meditation for the day was about one day at a time and it got me thinking about challenges and hardship and life-changing experience. Taking it one day at a … More One day…at a time

to be honest

Well this week has been a long one and kind of important as far as self-growth goes.  I have been reminded of how important it is to be honest with myself and do some self-evaluating.  I am the worst at evaluating how things are going because I can be my own worst critic and harder … More to be honest

Home Sweet Home

Recently I went to my home town and to visit family in South Dakota and on the crappy flight (totally not going into this), I was thinking about home and can you really go home again.  Over the course of my 13 years here in the PNW I have gone to visit my family at … More Home Sweet Home