Home Sweet Home

Recently I went to my home town and to visit family in South Dakota and on the crappy flight (totally not going into this), I was thinking about home and can you really go home again.  Over the course of my 13 years here in the PNW I have gone to visit my family at least 10 times and it has changed over the years.  While family has moved and grown as people have gotten married and had children; friends have become mothers and fathers and migrated to other places, some back to So Dak and some I have lost touch with or retained only a social media relationship with.  Careers and lives have changed and people I once star gazed with have evolved and changed with the times.

Back to if you can go home again, yes you can but things may be different and those you once shared dreams and hopes with may be different or on a different course.  The one thing that I have found to have stayed the same with family and friends is that with any good relationships and conversations, the best times are shared around food.

Growing up in a farming family, we have always been about hard work and family meals.  Gatherings as simple as Sunday dinner or birthdays were a chance to gather together around a table full of food and family.  Whenever I go home now, this is what I ask for, that all of us try and come together and have a huge feast.  I have come to identify food and community as a bonding experience and a chance to have good conversations and build friendships that can last a lifetime.  Food can bring you together, no matter where we are or who we are, it is a common thread that connects us.  It connects communities across the country, continents and across cultural lines.  The family meal, and by family I mean the families we create as well as our bloodline, is a chance to reconnect and share stories.  So in some ways, home is anywhere you can share a meal or a glass of wine, enjoy some conversation and talk about the future.

I encourage everyone to go forth and have a meal.  Be well and have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Yay food! “The families we create as well as our bloodline…” When I was away at school the family that we grew around us sustained us. My sense of ‘home’ in the world was enlarged and it was always a joy to taste the new things that were brought to the table. Great post.


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