to be honest

Well this week has been a long one and kind of important as far as self-growth goes.  I have been reminded of how important it is to be honest with myself and do some self-evaluating.  I am the worst at evaluating how things are going because I can be my own worst critic and harder on myself than anyone else.  I don’t think I am alone in this either.

So as I move into summer plans and goals, I was thinking, it is easy to get caught up and discouraged by our failures and our ideas of where we want to be in our lives.  It is easy to focus on what has not gone right and hard to break ourselves of looking at it in another form; what has not worked.  Being honest with ourselves is often hard because it requires compassion and also forgiveness.  This means that sometimes we need to give ourselves some slack and at other times some motivation to continue.  When we are evaluating where we are and where we want to go it often is a tough road.  This can be anything from financial goals, personal goals, travel plans to even…fitness goals (I say with a little reservation).

In setting goals for myself I find it helpful to write a list of what I want to do and why.  It helps me to set into motion what needs to happen and then I give myself a time line to achieve these things.  So I am going to tell you some of my goals…

One is to save money…and that so far I have made some bad financial choices and spent too much money while I am trying to save for a trip.  Rather than kick myself and repeatedly be hard on myself for a bank balance that is less than average, I am making changes to achieve my goal of saving $900.

Second is to write more, blog wise and personally.  So I am going to write everyday for 30 days to start.  This may not be everyday on my blog but could increase my posts here and thus, fingers crossed my readers.

Third is to make a trip to Lopez Island and bike around the island…so I am planning this trip for the next week.  It will include public transit and also good timing.  So there you have it, some of my goals.  My hope is that I can continue to share my goals and hopes with you all…so we’ll see…


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