simple pleasures

The feeling of satisfaction is pretty great.  It makes you feel like, today might not suck as badly as you thought.  Well I am finding that taking time to acknowledge the simple pleasures in life can have a huge affect on my day and thought I would share that with you.

I recently turn 36 and after a year of career changes and moving and falling in and out of love, I have come to some standard conclusions about life.  It is not at all what we are told it will be.  I knew this long ago and have been calling bullshit on it ever since.  One thing I have come to learn is that it is the simple things which we often take for granted that we should start looking at with new and fresh eyes.  It can also be called being grateful but for me it is a simple pleasure that can make me a little less prickly throughout the day.  Here are 5 of my simple pleasures, share yours if you wish….

1. coffee and music in the morning (I love to have a small dance party in the morning and listen to music while I make coffee and get going for my day. It helps me get going and if no one is home, I get to dance in my underwear kinda like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.)

2. riding my bike downhill (I am a little bit of an adrenaline junky and this simple and pretty much inevitable act, as I live on a hill, wakes me up and feeling the wind in my hair is invigorating.)

3. dark chocolate (enough said)

4. cooking (I love to cook and so if I get time to make a meal and enjoy it, I am pretty stoked.  Plus it means more listening to music and dancing.)

5. being by the water (I love the water, like I could go swimming everyday and be super happy.  Being in nature is also very helpful as it can lower anxiety and ease depression by lowering your cortisol levels which are stress hormones that can lead to high blood pressure.)

So there you have it…some simple pleasures.  Tell me some of your simple pleasures what everyday thing makes you happy?

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