El Salvador

El Tunco…take me to the beach!!

After several days in Tunco, I can say I have arrived at what I was wanting on this trip.  Beaches and surf…I have yet to surf but I have been enjoying the waves and salt water.  El Tunco has a quaint beauty…you have to look past all party spots and huge overpriced hotels on the beach.  That’s when you find the beauty of this spot. 

My first day here I do what I always do when traveling solo…find a place to have a drink and some food.  I went to the local spot where the surfers hang out and watch football…soccer to the States folks.  I order the pollo plancha and basically get a half a chicken grilled with rice and salad for $4.  I sip on a beer $1 each…I have two.  Then a surfer…a local comes up and chats with me in Spanish and then in pretty perfect English when he finds out I am from the states.  He fills me in on the places to go, the local high five/fist bump that is a traditional greeting.
In a way I am grateful for my social personality because it has helped me meet so many people.  I have been told to be careful and I am but…not talking to people because you are scared only leads to more loneliness when traveling solo.  The people I have met have been very nice and I enter into every day with the thought that I will meet new people and that is a good thing. 
So now let’s talk food…and by food I mean papusas.

These lovely corn tortillas filled with beans and cheese are a national favourite and my personal favourite too.  I have had them ever day for one meal or another. Why? Because they are delicious!!! And they are cheap (3 for $1) which is good on a backpacker budget.  My favourite kind is the garlic and cheese which you cover with a cabbage slaw and homemade salsa rojo. 
Other local favourites is to have a coconut and once you’ve drank all the milk…give it to the guy and he will cut it in half so you can scoop out the insides with a piece of the outer shell.

Overall El Tunco in El Salvador is a great spot to come surf, get some sun and experience a laid back life while backpacking through Central America.  Shuttles here are not to bad and local buses can take you to the beaches just down the road. So definitely put this place on your list and be open to meeting locals and fellow travelers…just smile and say Buenos dias! 

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