Potholes, border crossings and new friends


Leaving El Salvador and the beach was a little bitter sweet. After 5 days at the beach I wanted to move on though. I ended up getting a shuttle for $30 to Leon Nicaragua on a 10 hour shuttle. One thing to say about shuttles that I have taken in the past is that they can be quite frightening if the driver is in a hurry and they will drive however fast it is to get there on time.
I was lucky to have a pretty confident driver…who was very good at dodging the potholes in Honduras. The one thing about crossing the border into Honduras is that if you take a shuttle…you can not step foot into Honduras…which means no bathroom. It makes for a very interesting trip.
Overall I have been pretty cheery about my travels but there have been some heart wrenching moments too. Homelessness is very prevalent and for a typical first world person…the state in which people live is not what we would be okay with. Despite this people that I have met have been generally very cheery and kind. I get a lot of be careful…don’t talk to strangers but people let you know whether they want to talk to you or not. If not…it’s not personal.
In Honduras I did see something that I haven’t seen for a long time…I saw a man laying on the side of the road just moments after being hit by a car. I fear he wasn’t alive anymore as I looked up when we passed him and I knew what happened. It was a long rest of the trip…lots of thoughts ran through my mind and all I can say is tell those you love that you love them. Life is short and a precious gift which we take for granted at times. It made me thankful for all the beautiful people I have met on this trip and all the friends I have made. I hope to travel again to see them and form lasting bonds of friendship.

(Ginny and I met up in Leon for a few days at the beach in Las Penitas.)

(Vannin and Tim from England endured a long voyage to Leon with me. We chat about life and death after seeing an accident)

Some amazing folks have come into my life and made a great impression. I am grateful for this trip and so glad I made the choice to quit my job and travel solo. I have a new found sense of respect for humanity, culture and for myself…for doing this.
My message this blog is to go forth and be grateful for your experience. It is yours and yours alone.

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