San Juan Del Sur


Infamous beach spot San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua has a reputation for being a party spot but…looking a little beneath the reggeatone beats and scantily clad chicas you find a surf culture and simple life. 
At first I wanted to avoid this place…thinking it’s a party spot and to many it is.  The more I walked around and looked though…the more I saw a culture of surfers and unique spots.
One such place is Simon Says. 


This colorful garden spot is a juice bar with amazing food.  Most of all it is the one place that offers a reprieve from the noise.  The smoothie to get is the Jesus…which is peanut butter, chocolate, almonds, bananas and milk. 


I think the one thing on this trip that I have learned is that if you want to find out about a city and where to go, you just need a couple of days and an open mind.  Exploring a city or town is one of my favorite things to do on this trip and that means sticking around for more than two days.  It also means seeing what fellow travellers are doing…sometimes.

For example…There is a drinking day called Sunday Funday, all it takes is $30 and a liver made of steel to complete this three party hostel hop of all you can drink rum, bbq and dancing.  In the end you get a shirt and a hang over…maybe even a new love interest.  Have I done it…no.  Will I? No.  I can drink for much cheaper and go to the beach; but there is an allure for the younger crowd. 
That being said…travelling isn’t all about the party.  Here there are surf lessons, zip lining, coffee tours, turtle watching October to December and of course hike up to the Jesus statue that looks over the city. 


Plus while I have been here I have made some great friends too.  Many who have similar interests and like to travel as I do…


I have met some great people and some friends for life (I hope).  I also get to be on the beach everyday which is something I have always wanted, so I feel San Juan Del Sur is a win.  Nicaragua itself is a diverse and beautiful place with a very dark and sad history but the people here are resilient and kind.  I’m really glad I made this trip and can’t wait to explore more…



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