Me and you under the same moon

I walked home last night and the stars seemed to have multipled under the night sky.  When I got to my apartment here in Nicaragu, which is little more than a room with a bed, shower, toilet and a sink; I wanted to sit a look at the stars as I like to do.  It helps me feel a little closer to the universe, to stare at constellations I know and try and figure out the ones I don’t.  

As I sipped on my rum and water I thought about all the people I know that looked at the same night sky and how it made me feel closer to them all.  I was small in the midst of the night…I was bare boned and tired.  Every time I look at the stars and the moon I think of moments I shared with others.  My dear friend Kellie and I used to drive out to where there were no lights and pay our homage to the flicker of stars and count the shooting stars.  As I waited to see one I made wishes anyway.  I scanned the sky and waited to see just one.  Then I realized I had my wish.  I am here…In paradise, lost amongst throngs of travellers and daydreamers, vagabonds and those who have wanderlust in their hearts.  I am living my wish, my dream along with my fears and broken ideals.  I am a bit more realistic but I know that when I look up at the night sky…I am one of billions.  We are all human, flawed and broken. Fighting our way through everyday with the determination of warriors and the vigilance of saints. My mark on the world is my fingerprint on the people I touch and meet.  My footprint falls away with the tide but leaves an impression to last a lifetime and we all are in this together.  Silently marching in time and trying to find our place in a world that will spit us out as soon as it can but will nurture us if we are kind to it. 

We should be the same to one another…kind and show our humanity rather than our might.  It is our love and dreams that drive us…right.  So I want to encourage you all to look up and remember this world is for us all.  Your imprint is your legacy…what do you want it to say about you?
Go forth and be kind.

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