Friends and Ginger Rum

Nicaragua was a crazy two months of work, playas, parties and hot days with beautiful sunsets.  There were highlights and low points but overall I will remember all the amazing people I met along the way. 


I literally have been going through this trip not making any plans.  What comes may come and I decided to go with the flow.  I also decided to get a job to help supplement my travel expenses so I wouldn’t go broke and have to borrow money.  It was in San Juan Del Sur that I met the people who became my ex-pat family.  A collective of French, Americans, Canadians and a mix of Australian and Germans.  I was able to use my social skills and new job to meet some really great travellers who were more than happy to tell me there travel tales. 
Many times this would come with shots of Republika’s (the bar I worked at) house made ginger rum.  We called this…team shots.  Many days were spent with my ex-pat friends and it made me thankful that if you meet good, kindhearted people you can make yourself a family no matter where you are!  The family you make is there to support you and can provide the friendship you need when travelling solo.  While I have learned so much about myself from travelling alone, I have also learned much about the people I have met as well. 

Juliette my french boss...

My friend Juliette.


Drinks with my ladies Allyson and Amanda.

So readers and friends….go forth be kind and make new friends while you travel…you never know where it could take you.
Safe travels!

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