Costa Rica and Adventura

I kept Costa Rica for last and glad I did.  It is a gem of a country and I can see why people want to come here.  Although I only saw the mountains and hillsides of Tilaran and La Fortuna I was able to have some adventure and fun. 


  La Fortuna is a tourist destination full of hotels, restaurants and booths claiming they have the best zip lines and most amazing hot springs.  I see La Fortuna as a town tucked between dormant and semi-active volcanos.  It is a small chunk of history and was renamed La Fortuna after the 1968 volcano eruption destroyed a town on the northern side of the volcano killing around 200 people in two days.  Now the volcano is quiet but plumes of volcanic gas burp up into the cloudy sky signaling Arenals presence. 

Since the explosion the rivers and surrounding area have been a literal hot bed of activities for tourists.  Hot springs popped up and the first people to take advantage of this Germans who came over and bought land for cheap prices and turned it into a resort using the natural disaster to highlight the beauty of the land. 

For me this means…waterfalls and zip ling, meeting new friends and seeing such a beautiful country.  I took full advantage of this time to chill out and enjoy some local casado; which is a typical meal of rice, beans, salad and meat….see below


And also being in Costa Rica also means lots of delicious fruit…


Overall I had a great time and can’t wait to come back to Costa Rica and explore some more of this beautiful place. 
Hope you find some hidden gems in your travels and get to have some adventure too!!



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