30 days of inspiration

I have seen 30 day challenges and diets and gratitude and well I have been needing a little something to get me to spring into this sunny season so…I am going to participate in a 30 days of inspiration.


So for the next 30 days I am going to actively seek out inspiration as a way to embrace the spring and also reignite inspiration within myself.  There are times in life that I think we all need to be inspired and need a little nudge so that we can keep our day to day lives exciting in some way.

I have read recently about how gratitude and positive thinking can not only reduce stress but also help to reduce the release of cortisol.  Cortisol has been linked to increased heart rate, spikes in glucose levels; which can lead to diabetes, and hyper tension.  Now I am not a health/workout junkie but I do care about my body because it is the only thing carrying me through this life.  Shifting perspective can lead to positive effects not only in your brain but also in daily routines which can be hard to break.  For example when we wake up in the morning, instead of hitting snooze what if we open our eyes and said, ‘today is going to be great’.  It could lead to an early morning shower, breakfast and coffee, hey even a dance party while you get dressed.  All I am saying is that one thing can change the course of our lives…positive or negative.  So I am going to aim for inspiration and see where gratitude and getting outdoors will take me this month.

The plan is to post a weekly check in and name the few things I did for inspiration, gratitude and kindness.

Go forth and be kind people, you never know whose life you could change or inspire.


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