be kind to yourself

first week of 30 days of inspiration and I made this week pretty easy.

My aim for this week was about being kind to myself.  In a world that is dominated by hate and fear I think it is important that we are kinder to ourselves.  This includes forgiveness and moving forward.  One thing that I did to start of a month of being more aware of my surroundings was I wrote myself a letter.  It sounds silly but I figure I had to start somewhere and I chose to write my future self a letter.  The three things I want for myself are happiness, adventure, and good well being.  Simple enough but sometimes we need to have a reminder.

There are a few things that everyone can do to make their world a more enjoyable place.  One thing that I need to remember and want to remind you all too, is that we need to stop comparing ourselves to people and wanting what they have.  It is one thing to admire people but when we compare ourselves to the co-worker who seems to have it all or the family member that has the perfect house and a six figure job, that is when we loose ourselves.  There are days that I wish I had a job in my field and a family but then there are days that I go for a bike ride and lay in the sunshine thinking about how I am blessed.

So the point of this post and the start of my month of inspiration is…be kind to yourself.  Stop weighing your worth based on what others want for you and what you may not have.  This is not going to advance your goals or your dreams.  When we are reflecting on our mistakes and where we went wrong or how things could be different, we are not going to make any positive changes.  It is hard to not be stuck in ones own head but it is important to move forward and forgive yourself…unless you murdered someone or destroyed someones life by being a piece of shit…then you should probably find a rock and crawl under it.  So stop the cycle of she/he has and I don’t, I wish I would have and start saying…I will and I am grateful for…

Be the inspiration by being yourself and follow your heart, listen to your instincts and know that you uniquely you, there is not another person like you.

Be kind to yourself…next week is all about movement…getting moving and taking pictures along the way.


3 thoughts on “be kind to yourself

  1. Subject that can be difficult especially for women! We make everyone one else a priority and grossly neglect ourselves being natural nurturers. I know some who feel completely guilty when they finally take a step to be kind to themselves. So sad but being a bit selfish can be the thing that keeps us sane!😀

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  2. So nicely written Katie. I must keep this in mind as I’m settling in to my new home and looking for a job. All the best, Nancy.


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