3 ways to get motivated


Spring is time for new life and with that it is also time to breathe new energy into your own daily life and routines.  This month I set forth to do some inspirational change in my own life and one thing I have done is making simple changes to daily routine and being more aware of little things.  I have found three things that have been helpful in motivating me on the days that I just want to stay in bed.

  1.  Think POSITIVE!  Every day is a new beginning and holds endless possibilities.  I know this is gonna sounds simple to lots of people, this is not rocket science…but sometimes we all need to be reminded to start off the day with positive thoughts.  This can help us to face the day with gratitude rather than expecting it to suck.  What if everyday started off with a quote to help motivate and inspire with that cup of coffee?  Would it create a shift in perspective?  It is worth a try to just take a minute to google positive quotes or get on Pinterest and look at the quotes boards and pin a couple.  Depression and anxiety often start with our thoughts.  This is my opinion of course but somewhat based in factual information.  Thinking negative thoughts releases cortisol and therefore sluggish and negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, the world and well a shitty attitude.  So the first words we speak to ourselves, inner dialogue or even out loud, should be positive.  Try it for one week and just say something as simple as, ‘Today is a new day’ or ‘it is a good day to be a gangster’….I mean when you’re feeling it.
  2.  Get MOVING!  I bike and walk to work everyday and it is amazing how much this helps me on a daily basis.  It gives me time to collect my scattered thoughts as they filter in.  It helps me to think about what is needed for the day and also what is happening for the week. Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that everything that is planned or needed for the week is thought of as an annoyance.  Sometimes these things that need to be done are just a small thing that interfere with our ability to make plans that we badly want to make with friends or family.  Walking up to 10-20 minutes a day improves your health and can lead to a bit of inspiration from your surroundings.  Of course, this differs place to place but you get it.
  3.  CREATE!!  Art can be inspirational and also causes your brain to focus.  You can doodle, create a complex design or Salvador Dali, take on a DIY project like creating candles, jewelry or some greeting cards.  I love to cook so I often find that making food helps me to feel more inspired…to eat it and leads to big ideas.  I want to be the next Anthony Bourdain when I am in the kitchen, truth be told.  I love to cook for people!!  I also like to check out cook books from the library sometimes and create new recipes to branch out.  So creation is really in the eye of the beholder but it will help to cultivate a sense of achievement.  Don’t set yourself up for failure though…I often do this and then stop because I am pissed that I didn’t achieve it.  Sometimes we need a push or inspiration and that can be books, blogs or how to videos.  Motivation is really all about what you want to do with, well your life, and sometimes it takes building blocks to get there.  I didn’t travel without some serious reading and research about where I was headed to.  I read blogs and books and researched the countries in Central America and customs too.  I started this blog to motivate myself to write more and maybe move into a new career field.  It is hard to open up and basically put myself out there but I won’t know what could happen if I didn’t try and where my blogging might lead to, even if only just for a few readers and family.

So go out there and if you want something, go for it.  The start of anything is hard and making the first step is the most difficult…but you won’t know if you don’t try.


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