being the change


In a culture that admires selfies, glorifies money and standing over experience and vision; in a world where people see difference as a threat and take freedom for granted, how are we supposed to know what to do and where to go?

This last month has brought with it unnecessary tragedy and violence. I woke up a few days ago well before the sun and laid in bed frozen with my thoughts ricocheting off each other. I wondered about how to deal with all this hate in a beautiful world. That is when I looked at my arm…where I have a tattoo, be the change you wish to see, scrawled in ink as a reminder that it only takes one person to make a difference. When I feel overwhelmed and the last few weeks of mass shootings, police brutality and random violence has brought people to their breaking points and brought me to wonder what is fucking happening. Is there some crazy drug in the water? Are people that hateful to go into a night club and kill over 40 people for being gay? Are police that scared of black men that they shoot them without proper cause but claim it is because of a weapon…what the hell is happening!?!

Then I think…what would you like to see change? The only way I know to be the change is to be the kind person I know how to be. To emphasis to my friends and family that we speak with not only our words but our actions. If you want someone to stop hating then do not approach with a hateful disposition. Instead of pointing the finger at a race or culture for the crime; ie: Black Lives Matter is to blame for Dallas, think that maybe for one moment none of the people who participated in Black Lives Matter would have wished death on officers that were not even involved. Same as all the police in the US are not racist, there are a few bad people out there that will act with their own agenda given a position of power. We are but individuals and when you buy into a notion that is projected by media and biased people with a soap box, we all loose.

So here is the little glimmer of hope in my mind that I have to hang on to because the world around me is a shit hole mess with people acting out violent acts that they see as righteous…Be the CHANGE you WISH to SEE… IF you are a sadistic asshole and kill people simply to make a statement…then I hope you get your karma in the end.  To the hopeful beautiful people out there…keep calm and carry on with your beautiful self and know you are not alone in this crazy mess of a world. It can feel lonely but you are not alone in wishing for a better place.


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