Random Acts of Kindness


What if for one moment, you stopped the hatred that lays dormant in your heart and the fear that resides within you that peaks out when you read your Facebook feed and social media.  What if for one moment we collectively did random acts of kindness…Just did something nice for someone else for no reason at all.  Let someone in front of us in traffic.  Said hello to a stranger or bought coffee for the next person in line at the coffee shop.

The error of our ways is that we are contributing to the disturbing hatred in this world.  We are directly responsible for how we feel but we are also responsible for how we treat others.  How do you want people to feel around you?  If you feel like shit, do you want others to feel like shit…really.  No.  We are responsible for our words and actions and they directly affect how other people see us.  If you are a miserable jerk, your actions toward people affects their lives and that of their family and friends and how they perceive you.  True we choose everyday how to respond to the horrible things out there and we are responsible for our feelings but…what if that was the third time someone was mean or rude or racist or stereotyped.  That can wear a person down…truly.  I have been there.  I was bullied as a kid and it really affected my ability to cope with my anger and reasoning.  It was only after years of work and helping others that I realized how important it is to act with kindness.  Your words have an impact.  What you say to your children, family and friends; matters.  The way you treat someone; MATTERS!

That is why I believe that stirring up fear and creating an us versus them mentality is damaging to us as a society.  We are better than that.  We are smarter and have already been down this scare tactic red scare road in the 50’s.  We have already fought segregation and bigotry.  Why would we be inclined to go backwards??  Have we lost all sense of common decency?  So I am going to take on a challenge and I want everyone to spread the word and maybe take it on too.  I am going to do 30 days of Random Acts of Kindness.  I want it to spread like the flu on a plane.  So share my post and start your own efforts to make your community a better place and show the politicians that want to say this country is falling apart that we can and will win with kindness.  #randomactsofkindness  and start your own efforts to let the world and Trump know that we are not a broken people who have given up.  I am not.  I am hopeful and I am loving and caring and I care what happens to others.  I care what happens to the world we call home.  Start your kindness campaign and join me by infecting people with hope rather than fear. What do you have to loose?

Go Forth Be Kind


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