Remember to BREATHE

It has been a couple months since my last post.  The summer has started to fade into the fall and I have been busy working and enjoying bike rides and adventures here in Bellingham.  I have also felt uninspired and thus uninspiring; which has translated into writers block and a bit of summer blues.

The other day I was running around and realized I hadn’t looked up.  It is a problem I have sometimes and I am guessing I am not alone.  I am a big believer in looking up and getting out of my tunnel vision of my self-lament, can lead me to be grateful and remember to breathe.  You see breath can be forgotten as a gift.  Clean air is taken for granted and we often forget to take a moment and BREATHE.


I am no yogi, I am not a meditation guru but I am very certain that when we remember to breathe we look up and out and see the things that we take for granted.  If you are stuck in traffic and hate the news spewing out the radio, turn off the noise and look around.  Life is too short to be focused on what we still need our what we don’t have.  Focus on what you DO have.  Breathe in and be thankful for the moments of clarity in an insane world.  You can not control it, hell you may not understand it (I fucking don’t), but for a minute remember to be present in your life.

So there you have it…my little moment of Zen.  It’s not much but it’s something.  I am not perfect but I don’t want to be I would rather be me.


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