Politics with a Nasty Woman

Well a week passed and I survived…most people I know survived.  It just feels like the bubble that burst created a black hole and it will kill us sooner than later by swallowing us whole.  I for one am going to do my best to be a nasty woman and well I hope some of you out there will do the same.  This week has laid the groundwork for a 4 year adventure where we turn back time and not in the funny Cher singing on a carrier ship in basically a black banana hammock with nylon and the largest amount of beefy man-candy.  No this is possibly a send us back to 1950’s Leave it to Beaver and the pod people of Invasion of the Body Snatchers time when America suffered a case of the Red Scares.

So how do we deal with this case of crazy white supremacy?  I know for sure that changing your profile pic on Facebook to Bernie is not going to solve it.  Neither is cutting out the crazy family member that thinks that Trumps financial policy is going to be amazing and fix the middle class…what about the poor working class and the homeless?  The days after the naming of the next leader of the backwoods and seemingly normal people of the United States, people took to the streets and I am pretty sure everyone that had a drum grabbed it.  Here is the thing with that.  You are ostracizing yourself when you bring the drum…just leave it at home and carry a sign that says Bernie 2016 instead.  Here is the truth…I was like you.  I protested Bush Jr (the cocaine addict and former clown of the white house) second election because I didn’t do the first one.  I chanted like the Portland kids and was pepper sprayed and stayed in a hostel in D.C. in a snowstorm.  It was awful.  I was broke and tired and guess what I am still broke and tired.  Here is the thing, I have learned a few things since that optimistic 25 year old took to the streets.

People hate protesters with out a cause, because they think that we are the whiny brats that they sent to boarding school.  The upper crust of this country does not care about you or me.  They have only one thing in mind and that is the $$$$ they can wipe their asses with.  So here is a great idea…stop supporting them.  Boycotting will be far more effective and  hit them where it counts.  So if there is a business that supports the orange monster and his religious version of a politician, stop supporting them with your hard earned money.  This means buying local and posting it on social media and get your family in on it.  It also means donating to causes you are passionate about and not drinking your fancy coffees or fancy craft beer for one week. This holiday get your family to all donate to the Nature Conservancy or Planned Parenthood…FUCK buy them a share or something that means that they know your political agenda.

Next thing is a little harder because it requires that we actually put our voices to work and not just our duct taped wallets.  This means that we need to pick up a pen and paper or compose an email that speaks for us.  Our politicians speak for us right…so make sure you let them know every month, every couple months that you are keeping up with what they are doing.  That means that the orange monster appointing white nationalists to key departments needs to be stopped and well what a better time to call your representative and say, “hey it’s me, a voter that has never called before.  I’m really not cool with that turd wearing glasses and a Voldemort smile to be in the white house.” This is your right.  You can stand up to bullies too.  Politicians can be bullies and guess what, we get to go see them at work sometimes.  When your state reconvenes you can go stand with a sign or a drum and chant outside their office.  I mean come on…Texas Senator Wendy Davis rocked her pink shoes and stood up for women, you can take a little time to rock the sneaks and speak up.

Overall this Nasty Woman is trying, maybe not so articulately, to say is that if you are for some serious change and tired of feeling like your voice doesn’t count, organize and get together with some other great people who care about the state of our country and what message is being sent to the rest of the world.  Don’t forget that love does trump hate and that haters get theirs sooner or later.




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