embrace your single self

The holidays are here and I have to admit…I have a love hate relationship with the holidays.  Nothing reminds me more of my singleton status as much as cozied up couples and family Xmas cards.  I kind of want to shoot my eye out…please tell me you get that reference.  I also love the holidays because I get to send out cards and make and eat massive amounts of candy and cookies.  I have and probably will always struggle with my single self but I am trying to embrace this fierce wild child this season.

This time of year when it is frigid, as a blind date or possibly Anne Coulter’s smile, it is nice to cuddle up under the covers.  Well I like to take this a step further alone and literally make myself a blanket burrito, yep I said it and other knowledgeable single people will know what I mean.  It ensures warmth and means that you get all the blankets.  Cuddles are nice but be a bed hog and let your single self get cozy with some horrible t.v. or in my case rom-coms.

Next thing on the list of things to do…get an ugly Xmas sweater and RSVP to a friends party.  Bring some mistletoe and a bottle of tequila and let the fun begin.  I mean if the friends drink and you don’t have to french every person in the room…kiss on the cheek is just as sufficient.  Get that mistletoe on a stick and put it over random people…just saying it could get real weird real quick and be a holiday to remember.

This is my favorite because it involves presents.  I love giving presents to people but also as a single person it means that I can give myself the presents I really want.  So get yourself something nice that you want and need and no one else is going to get you.  I used to get socks from family and gift cards…that is lovely because socks are nice when you are a little blanket burrito but that dress or jewelry will be better.  So when on Amazon, don’t forget you need to give yourself a gift too.

Well there are so many more things that you can do to embrace your single self during the holidays.  Get together a group of friends and go drunk wassailing.  Donate time at a shelter or soup kitchen.  Make Xmas dinner for your single friends and have everyone bring something to share…you get the idea.  As for my coupled up friends and family, I love you but no questions about the love life.


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