goodbye 2016


Well another year rolls to a close and it could not be any sooner.  This year for most, like myself has been a little low and as it draws it’s final harsh shitty breath out of all our hopes and dreams and of course our music and movie idols/legends; I am ponder…how do we move the fuck forward?  So as I have been thinking about this since the death of George Michael and Carrie Fisher, I have come up with a check list of how I am going to cope with this turd pile of a year and how to cope with the following Trump induced convulsion of the next one.  I highly suggest that you create your own.

First thing is first…light the fire.  This can be metaphorical or you can make a serious fire.  I am going to start the new year day with a mindset of this is over and now from the ashes of 2016 I will rise anew.  Some ways to do this are by taking the things that are holding you back, may upset you, make your blood boil and write them down.  If you have found objects such as pictures, letters, or memorabilia then this may be a good time to gather them all together and burn it.  The act of burning things that may have a hold on your mental state can help to release them into the world and set them free.  It sounds so corny I know but think of how much better you will feel knowing that is gone…dead and gone.

Second thing to do is to look at something you want to see happen in the new year and write it down.  If you like the idea of unhealthy resolutions like a goal weight or a dollar amount that you need to make then…write it down.  Writing down your hopes for the new year can inspire you to think of ways to make them happen. My list is pretty simple… Travel more, learn a new skill, be kinder to myself and help others.  Put this list somewhere you will see it everyday so you can be reminded of your hopes for the 2017.  Maybe one thing we can all add on there would be no more musicians kicking the bucket…just a thought.

Third thing to do is to encourage yourself through the new year.  The reason I say this is because I often have to remind myself that just because one bad thing happens doesn’t mean the end for me.  No it just means that it may have not been meant to be at that moment.  If you want something, keep reaching for it and don’t give up after one no or bad experience.  This also includes not judging myself off somebody’s achievements.  We are different and therefore have a different timeline and way of doing things.

So there I have it.  A list to try and start this year with jumper cables and high five.  I hope you all celebrate your own way but also celebrate with people you love and do what you need to, to say adios to 2016.

See you next year!! xoxoxox

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