wander woman
Bellingham WA

Bio: I am a writer at heart, a wild spirit deep down, lover of coffee, books, good food, laughter and hopeless romantic. Wandering is deeply rooted in my core and I long to see as much of the world as I can. I call the Pacific Northwest home now but I am looking for the next adventure. This blog will be a mix of political, travel, comedy and my journey along the way. I am not a writer by trade...I am bartending and saving money for the next journey, big or small. This blog is a telling of life as I know it and see it. I want to contribute to better my community and the world. I hope to make a difference small or large along the way, to stand up against the injustices of the world and along the way I want to remind people that we are all human. What we do on this earth matters to the people around us and I believe that our impact can shape the way the world will look. I want to make it beautiful and come together with friends and family over food, laughter and shared stories. I hope you join me for the ride and enjoy everyday of your own. Go Forth and Be Kind.

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