bye bye bourdain

It’s been a week since the rock star chef, travel writer, activist and t.v. personality that world has come to love Anthony Bourdain was cremated after his suicide on June 8th. The chef, author and what some call the voice of a new generation died in France. It almost seems fitting to go out in … More bye bye bourdain

Wandering on…

This is a post to Bellingham and all the people I have met along my journey there.  It was 15 years ago that I made the pilgrimage to Bellingham from the Midwest.  I had no idea what to expect or who I would meet, let alone who I would become. I was a dreamy 23 … More Wandering on…

goodbye 2016

Well another year rolls to a close and it could not be any sooner.  This year for most, like myself has been a little low and as it draws it’s final harsh shitty breath out of all our hopes and dreams and of course our music and movie idols/legends; I am ponder…how do we move … More goodbye 2016

moments of silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence The silence can be the sweetest thing.  To listen and actually hear the world pulse around you is a blessing.  It is in these moments that you can hear the peace of our own mind, the beat of our hearts and the space in between. I find this silence from time … More moments of silence

Remember to BREATHE

It has been a couple months since my last post.  The summer has started to fade into the fall and I have been busy working and enjoying bike rides and adventures here in Bellingham.  I have also felt uninspired and thus uninspiring; which has translated into writers block and a bit of summer blues. The … More Remember to BREATHE