being the change

In a culture that admires selfies, glorifies money and standing over experience and vision; in a world where people see difference as a threat and take freedom for granted, how are we supposed to know what to do and where to go? This last month has brought with it unnecessary tragedy and violence. I woke … More being the change

San Juan Del Sur

Infamous beach spot San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua has a reputation for being a party spot but…looking a little beneath the reggeatone beats and scantily clad chicas you find a surf culture and simple life.  At first I wanted to avoid this place…thinking it’s a party spot and to many it is.  The more I … More San Juan Del Sur

Home Sweet Home

Recently I went to my home town and to visit family in South Dakota and on the crappy flight (totally not going into this), I was thinking about home and can you really go home again.  Over the course of my 13 years here in the PNW I have gone to visit my family at … More Home Sweet Home