goodbye 2016

Well another year rolls to a close and it could not be any sooner.  This year for most, like myself has been a little low and as it draws it’s final harsh shitty breath out of all our hopes and dreams and of course our music and movie idols/legends; I am ponder…how do we move … More goodbye 2016

Guatemala or Bust

It has been 30 days so far on the road.  For me this is a long time to be roaming, wandering, living everyday with out needing to go to work.  I know that last part sounds like a luxury to those who are working hard everyday…I mean it as, I feel lost without work.  It … More Guatemala or Bust

simple pleasures

The feeling of satisfaction is pretty great.  It makes you feel like, today might not suck as badly as you thought.  Well I am finding that taking time to acknowledge the simple pleasures in life can have a huge affect on my day and thought I would share that with you. I recently turn 36 … More simple pleasures


I have thought about this word frequently in the last six months and feel that it is in my bones.  I feel at home on the road, traveling and in general in an unknown state.  I mean yes there is a fear to that last part but overall I have always been a free spirit.  … More wanderlust

I think that every once in awhile we all need some helpful reminders and quotes often do this for me.  So here is a quote that I hope will inspire you.  xoxo


Well…I was going to restrain from posting on Valentine’s Day but I can’t help it.  I am a hopeless romantic but something about this day when you are single makes you think about anything but your relationship status. I am stuck thinking about Valentine’s and I have to say that I have not had the … More Vday