simple pleasures

The feeling of satisfaction is pretty great.  It makes you feel like, today might not suck as badly as you thought.  Well I am finding that taking time to acknowledge the simple pleasures in life can have a huge affect on my day and thought I would share that with you. I recently turn 36 … More simple pleasures

to be honest

Well this week has been a long one and kind of important as far as self-growth goes.  I have been reminded of how important it is to be honest with myself and do some self-evaluating.  I am the worst at evaluating how things are going because I can be my own worst critic and harder … More to be honest


I have thought about this word frequently in the last six months and feel that it is in my bones.  I feel at home on the road, traveling and in general in an unknown state.  I mean yes there is a fear to that last part but overall I have always been a free spirit.  … More wanderlust